All in Game Server Commands: /911 - Use this to report a crime and wait for a dispatcher/officer to respond to your call. /cuff [ID] - Use this to cuff someone either as a cop or a criminal. /dispatch - Use this to talk to the person that recently phone into the dispatch office. [COPS ONLY] /engine - Use this to turn on or off your engine. If you forget to turn off your engine you'll run out of fuel. /hu - Use this to put your hands up if requested to by a man of the law or criminal. /me - Use this to portray an action in chat. /ooc - Use this to speak to players server wide in out of character. /spawn [name] - Replace name w/ a spawn name from either stock GTA5 or the cars list to spawn a vehicle. /text [ID] [Message] - Use this to text people without others seeing in chat.
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